Wrist Watches – So what’s your power statement?

Watch out, wristwatches don’t just read time these days, they’re actually speaking out loud about you and your status!

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The once simple and understated machine, designed to keep you up to date, has undergone a powerful transition. With new, multi-functional jazz avatars, wristwatches are no longer a necessity, they are a stylish fashion accessory for some and a statement of power for most others.


Brand matters


When it comes to watches, brands matter more than design and even time. For those in charge of business, brands indicate the wealth and status of the user and that is what matters most today. High-quality and expensive watches like Rolex or Chopard can be found on the wrists of the rich and famous. Other classic brands that are on the most coveted list include Longines, Omega, Armani, Titan, Seiko, and Timex.


Watches for special occasions


There was a time when people spent their entire lives on a wristwatch, today a man has been in it for twenty years and yet is on the lookout for the next model. Today’s watches should be matched with the spirit of the occasion, the mood, and the attire of the day. Stylists believe that wristwatches add to the person and people who matter should be very careful when selecting one for an important occasion.


Sports Specific Watches


Sports watches are the other growing segment with athletes getting richer and also because wealthy people start playing sports to spend their free time. Today there are specialized watches for specific sports such as tennis, gymnastics, horse riding, skiing, swimming, speed skating, etc.


Collectible jewelery and watches


The wealthiest now want watches that are a masterpiece, something they can wear and even keep for a lifetime. Beyond the brands, the watches are custom-made exclusively to satisfy the fantasy of these rich and smelly people. These could be made from sold solids and have diamonds and gemstones all over it. Women’s watches come especially in this genre and serve more as a precious piece of jewelry than a watch.


Multiple functions


Clocks that only show time and date are too simple for this date. For today’s super sexual man, the watch they wear on their wrist must be multifunctional and complicated. Two of the most popular complications in a watch are the chronograph complication, which is the ability of the watch movement to function as a stopwatch, and the moon phase complication, which is a display of the moon phase. Manufactured to be more accurate than others, stopwatches are also popular with watch enthusiasts.


People who are often on the go and travel in different time zones want their watch to be double time. This feature allows them to see what time they are home when they are elsewhere.


To satisfy the fantasy of watch enthusiasts, watchmakers have included functions that have virtually no connection to the basic functions of a watch. The multifunctional watches designed by them have 3D games, calculators, video games, digital cameras, USB sticks, GPS receivers and cell phones. One watch company even tried to include television in a watch!


So tell me, what is your statement of power looking at your wrist, right?


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