Does Your Kansas City Home Have a Backyard? Here’s Why You Need Pest Control!

Does Your Kansas City Home Have a Backyard? Here’s Why You Need Pest Control!

Backyards are a simple pleasure in the modern urban life. It’s a personal haven of nature, relaxation, and pure enjoyment. Backyards are common in many suburban homes and neighborhoods – not just due to their aesthetic and value-related prospects, but also because they foster a connection with nature. Backyards encourage taking up hobbies like gardening, home kitchens, and general plantation. These are fulfilling experiences, building towards respect for nature and its grand scope.

Many Kansas City homes feature backyards in the hopes of providing such a prospect. Unfortunately, such hopes are crushed by the presence of deeply irritating and infuriating entities – Pests. Naturally, the same nature that invites you to enjoy it also presents itself as the perfect ecosystem for larger pests. Beyond ants and mosquitoes, pests such as Moles, Pocket Gophers, and other rodents are also very common.

These pests and critters are far too large and active for any traditional approach to pest control. Any attempt to capture them by yourself can fail, or a possible infected bite. In fact, experts at Saela Pest Control have often advised individuals to avoid dealing with this issue through home-based interventions for this exact reason.

Naturally, a family cannot be expected to co-exist with these pests! There exists a solution in expert pest control. Here’s a deeper dive into these threats, and what options are available for control:

1. Moles

Moles are quite notorious for their underground tunnelling activities, which can leave your yard riddled with displeasing mounds and tunnels. Not only do these tunnels disrupt the aesthetics of your lawn, but they can also damage plant roots and create hazards for walking or mowing. Expert pest control services employ strategies such as trapping and baiting to effectively manage mole populations and restore the integrity of your yard.

2. Pocket Gophers

Pocket gophers are another common nuisance for homeowners with yards, particularly those with lush green lawns and gardens. These underground rodents are adept at digging elaborate burrow systems, which can extend for several feet underground. As they tunnel through your yard, pocket gophers can uproot plants, damage irrigation systems, and undermine the structural integrity of patios or walkways. Professional pest control experts utilize trapping and baiting techniques to eliminate pocket gophers and prevent further damage to your property.

3. Rodents

Rodents such as mice and rats are not only a threat to a yard but also to the interior of a home. These pests are opportunistic in their personality. Thus, they are attracted to the food and shelter provided by outdoor spaces. Naturally, your yard presents itself as an inviting target for infestation. From gnawing on outdoor furniture to contaminating food storage areas, rodents can pose significant health and safety risks for homeowners. Pest control professionals employ a combination of exclusion, trapping, and baiting methods to keep rodents at bay and protect both your yard and your home.

While Moles, Gophers, and Rodents may prefer calling your backyard “home”, one dial may prove their expectations false. A pest control expert knows the best remedies for such subterranean animals, along with seamless execution plans. This ensures that you and your family remain at-peace, while your yard is reclaimed for further activities and enjoyment!

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